Welcome to the Riddle Contest of Doooooooooom III

Welcome back, friends! We've created another simple contest for you. Solve puzzles, win [virtual] prizes. Fun! Anyway, here are our last two contests in case you missed them: Dooooom 1, Dooooom 2.
First, a few tips to get you started:
  1. Please use only one account per team. If you combine to form a team choose one account to play with. Multiple people can be logged into the same account simultaneously!
  2. Feel free to enter your answer in any format you desire. E.g. if the answer to a puzzle is "bastards rule" then entering in "Bastards rule" or "bastardsrule" or "BaStArDs R uLe" will all be considered correct. However, we're not checking your spelling so don't make any typos!
  3. Look for clues everywhere. Some are on the puzzle page. Some are hidden a bit deeper. Of course, if that's still not enough then...
  4. You can ask questions in the Riddle Questions and Answers forum. Just remember that every other team can see your question and the answer we give. That's the sacrifice you make when you ask for help. That's because we're Bastards like that.
  5. Reading the FAQ is a good idea.
  6. Some stages may require the use of outside programs or websites.
  7. Good luck and have fun!
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